Cover Reveal: When I Make You Mine

I am so excited to share the cover with you all for ‘When I Make You Mine’! Words cannot express how much I love it. LOVE IT!

When I Make You Mine Cover KINDLE FINAL

I’m so excited to share the book with you all!

This whole process of writing a romance book has been a whirlwind and it has taken a lot longer than I thought as well. There are so many more moving parts to a book release that your head would spin and on top of that, this is a short novella! I couldn’t imagine what authors do with a full book. Well, of course I can, they hire a PA or a publicity firm or something like that if they can.

Have you ever read a book and checked out the writers acknowledgements? Before I had written anything I would read them and wonder, if the writer was just trying to kiss some a$$, then I’d question why they list everyone down to their dog? Weren’t they the ones that published it? Didn’t they do all the hard work?

Well, after writing this novella here is my answer, no, no and NO. It seriously takes a small village to write and publish something and rarely can you do everything on your own, even as an author…I take that back, you can’t do everything on your own, nor should you!

From editors, to book cover creators, to those who review your work, to your friends and family. All are impacted by your work and all take time out of their day to help you! My family has put up with me ignoring them for months to get this done because not only do I write but I host a romance book review website too, called (yes, that’s seriously the name and I love it!). Top it all off I have a hubby, two kids and a day job. But I don’t tell this to feel sorry for me, I tell you this because if you are interested in writing a book, don’t let your commitments get in your way. At the end of the day only you are the only one getting in your way, there is always time if you want to make time for what you truly want to do.

Do what you love and never apologize.

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