When I Make You Mine – Update + Excerpt

So now that the book is live, I have several updates! (ps, you can buy it here if you’d like!)

First, I held a contest, not sure if you were able to participate but it was a HUGE success! I had tons of retweets and entries and increased the exposure of the book ten-fold. It was fantastic and far surpassed my expectations for a debut novella!

I am currently writing the second book in the series and hope to finish in the next month. Sadly, I actually started writing the third book before the second as it just naturally came to me. I had to actually stop writing the third book so I could actually start on the second book. It was that crazy!

If you haven’t bought it already, check it out!

When I Make You Mine (The Richmond Series Book 1)


“So how did things go with your follow-up visit?”

“Eh, it went okay.”

“Just okay? You’re not suffering from anything else and not telling me are you, ya little bitch? Because if you are I will rip you a new one for letting me sit here griping about my patients while you are dying of terminal cancer.”

“Jesus Ren, no. Settle the crazy train down. I am not dying from cancer and I like how you went from zero to sixty on that one.”

“Yeah well, you have a tendency to keep everyone at bay until you are past the point of no return, so excuse me for naturally jumping to the extreme.”

I was taken aback. I feel like I run my mouth day in and day out, never keeping anything hidden.

“How can you say that? I tell you everything!”

“Eventually you do, but it takes you a while, now dish. How was Mr. Big Cock?”

I totally forgot that I mentioned that he was my follow-up doctor. “Oh shit, hotter than ever. He called me on my BS.”

“What do you mean, ‘your BS’?”

“I mean that he called me on pushing too much as well as me stating that I was ‘fine’ when I was exhausted. He gave me a note to get me out of work for another week, and then…” I let the sentence drift off and played with my napkin a bit, unsure if I should tell her about the hand holding. I don’t want to keep things from her and I realized that I do hold things back.

“Uh-uh, don’t go retreating into your shell again, spill it.”

So much for keeping this to myself!

“Well, he sort of touched me.”

“Touched you? Like in your private place where Mommies and Daddies tell you never to let a stranger touch you?”

I laughed. “No, you sicko! He touched my hands, and sort of my face, and shoulder, and maybe my hands again.”

She pushed my shoulder with surprising force. “Shut up!”

I throw my hands up, “I swear, it was a ‘can’t keep his hands off me’ sort of thing but not in a weird way. Sort of like he had to touch me to get his point across.”

“And that point being, at the end of his dick?”

“God no, Renee! His point being that I needed to rest so exhaustion didn’t land me back in the hospital.”

“Well, that is a point, even though it’s not as exciting as the one at the end of his dick. How big do you think he is? Eight inches, nine? Holy shit, you are not saying anything. You’ve seen it haven’t you? It’s ten inches isn’t it?”

“Jesus Christ. Slow your roll, woman. I have not seen it, felt it, rubbed up against it, or licked it, for your information. I have no idea how large and in charge it is, but even if I did I wouldn’t tell you a damn thing.”


~I really hope you enjoy it!

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