When I Become Yours – Book Two -Excerpt

When I Become Yours - Teaser1

I’m so excited to release some teasers and an excerpt!! I’ve loved working on this book, it was such a labor of love. It slowly came to me, giving me the time to polish the scenes and characters more than during the first book. The first book ‘When I Make You Mine‘ was like a rocket that I had absolutely no control over, it poured out of me.

Book two, When I Become Yours – Ben & Renee’s story was more of a slow burn, igniting as I continued to write…and boy do they ignite! Check out the official blurb:

Ben’s been in love with Renee from day one. At the same time, she’s kept him at a distance due to reasons only a select few know.

That all ends. Now.

Because nothing will stop him from getting what he wants.


There’s no one else for him and there is definitely no one else for her, not as long as there is a breath left in his body. When she tries to date, Ben quickly ends any and all attempts of her being with someone, other than him.

Follow Ben and Renee through some serious alpha male episodes paired with a side of light hearted humor and steamy encounters, hot enough to make your Kindle fog over.

‘When I Become Yours’ is book two in The Richmond Series but it does not need to be read in order. This is a stand alone book in a series that will follow four girlfriends through their crazy and hilarious antics in addition to their passionate love lives. Each friend will have their own stand alone.

The Richmond Series:
Book One: When I Make You Mine (Anne & Jim) – Out now!
Book Two: When I Become Yours (Renee & Ben) – Out soon!
Book Three: When We Become One (Marisa & David) – Soon to be released
Book Four: When We’re Ready (Amber & Brian) – Soon to be released

When I Become Yours - Teaser4


Thirty minutes later, alcohol has definitely not been a good idea. We’re deadlocked in a tie and we’re down to our shirts, socks and underwear.

“Ben, you sexy bitch, get your ass over here. It’s your turn.”

Okay, maybe I’m a shade past tipsy.

“Alright, hold on to those sexy panties. I’m getting us a refill from the kitchen.”

I watch him move from the kitchen back to the table and am having to remind myself to not stare. Lord or lord, what a sight. He’s wearing boxer briefs that are encasing strong muscular thighs. This same piece of material is barely keeping in a massive bulge and I can’t help but stare until my eyes have started to fog over. His shirt fits snugly to his body. Watching as he leaned back to grab some napkins, I’m pretty sure drool actually dropped out of my mouth in appreciation.

As I tilt my head to the side, to ensure I catch a good enough glimpse, I see his shirt has risen up enough for me to see his sexy stomach and Adonis belt. I’ve known him for years so I’ve seen him with his shirt off and let me tell you this, his chest is something to behold, all chiseled muscles and enough hair to never let you forget how much of a man he is. Of course, chest hair alone doesn’t make someone a man, but in this case, it definitely makes you unable to ignore it in any way shape or form.

Hearing him close the fridge, I look down at my playing cards and see several drops of drool on the table.

Oh shit!

I instantly grab for a napkin and try to wipe up all the evidence before he gets back.

“Too late, Ren. I already saw your drool.” He gives me a quick wink as he nestles into my side with the biggest grin on his face. “You think I’m sexy and I know it.”

When I Become Yours – The Richmond Series – Book Two will be out soon!! Stay tuned for buy links and the cover reveal!

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