Teaser – When I Become Yours

I’m so excited for you all to get your greedy little hands on book two. It is right around the corner, May, 9th!!

To know the instant that the book goes live, follow this blog or follow me on Twitter or Facebook and you will be alerted instantly! And, for some unknown reason, I’m on Pinterest! ~Lord help us all!

To hold you over I’ve included a super top secret excerpt that I want to share with you all. Hope you all love it as much as I loved writing the story of Ben and Renee. ~Quick secret, Renee is actually my best friend in real life. This fictional story is my little homage to her to show her how much she means to me. She’s the best!

When I Become Yours - Teaser3

Excerpt One:

Wrapping his arm around me, pulling me tighter, he lowers his head and whispers into my ear. “You’re not here for anyone other than me, short stuff. Now why don’t you finally admit it to yourself, ditch this guy, and go out on a date with me.”

I let out an exaggerated sigh. He’s been saying stuff like this since day one. “Keep wishin’, player.”

Leaning in even closer, I feel his grip tightening on my hip, his lips on the shell of my ear. “One day, you’re gonna go out with me, Renee. One day you’re gonna say you love me. One day you’re gonna brush your hot mouth across mine, across my hard-.”


Oh. God. No. This can’t be happening.

As soon as I hear the voice, I instantly close my eyes and pull myself from Ben’s tight grasp abruptly and look for the voice.

David, my actual date, is standing merely four feet away, eyes moving between Ben and myself, confusion laced deep in them. “Am I interrupting?”

Before David is even finished speaking, Ben places his hand on my shoulder and tries to pull me in close. The movement screams ownership, so much so that I want to pull a Wicked Witch of the West and dissolve into a puddle on the floor, removing myself completely from the situation. To bad we’re not in Kansas any more.

When I finally think to say something, Ben beats me to the punch. “We’re getting ready to head up to our room.”

Oh. My. God.

Saying this in front of my date sends me over the edge. I pull my elbow forward and slam it back into his ribs as hard as I can. Satisfaction rings in my ears as I hear him grunting in pain. Unbelievably, every spot on my body was remotely touching his, protests the loss of heat.

Traitorous body.

Exciting!!! What will happen next? Will Renee be able to come back from this SUPER embarrassing moment?

Find out on May, 9th!

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