When We Become One – Teaser 1

I ‘m so excited!! I just sent off book three to my editor which means it’s one step closer to being published! Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, a month at the most.

This book has been an absolute labor of love. To tell you the truth, it actually came to be before ‘When I Become Yours (The Richmond Series Book 2)‘ was finished. Since I had already published book one, ‘When I Make You Mine (The Richmond Series Book 1)‘ teasing out book two, I couldn’t switch out the order in which the books were to be released so I just went with the flow and kept writing. It delayed book two from being published but hey, when inspiration strikes, you gotta ride that wave!

In book three, ‘When We Become One’ we catch up with the gang. This time though, we’re focusing on Marisa and David. You might recall, David made a brief appearance in book two when he had a five minute date with Renee at Christophe’s before Ben broke the party up (yup, it’s him!!). Well, David’s back by popular demand and so is Marisa! She’s finally found her perfect job, despite her worthless degree in geography. You’ll also be happy to know that Jim, Anne, Ben & Renee stop by as well!

As they wade through life, David and Marisa find their way to each other by the power of fate…several times. When she’s faced with the most traumatic experience of her life, her friends step in to get her through the storm.

David steps in again too, but this time, he’s not stepping back out.

Get ready for book three; a story filled with hilarious, serious, and heart warming moments all capped off with a fantastic Happily Ever After.

I can’t wait to share it with you! Stay tuned!

When We Become One - Teaser 1 - LowRes

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