When We Become One – Behind the Scenes

So excited to share with you all a behind the scenes look at book three, When We Become One, set to go live within the next week! I typically go completely off the grid when I write so it’s nice to come back and share some of my crazy moments.

First, here’s a new teaser from When We Become One!


The Journey!

Believe it or not, book three actually came to my before book one. Once I finally got book two out (thank you all for reading, it was a HUGE success!) I was able to get back into the groove. I have a new found respect for authors of multiple books (series or no). It’s tough!

With When I Make You Mine (The Richmond Series Book 1), everything (and I mean everything) came to me in an instant. Not so with When I Become Yours (The Richmond Series Book 2) but definitely with book three. I hope this is common. I love all of my books but book two really made my mind bend probably because Renee, the main character in book two is actually the name of my best friend in the whole wide world. We’ve known each other forever, had fun, gotten in trouble, gone through super hard times together and so much more. With how much she means to me in the back ground, I wanted to make sure I did things right by her. I hope I did.

With book three, When We Become One, Marisa (Ris) is the main female character and like Renee, has been another one of my good friends for years. For some reason or another, her story just wanted to leap out of me and I completed half of it before I completed book two.

I’ve always loved romances but I’m naturally drawn to those that deal with the harder subjects. I find it coming out in my book ideas more and more. When We Become One was no different. In this book I wanted to incorporate the challenges some women can face and also display how they can be strong through it all. I don’t want to give away too much but I want to let you know that Marisa’s strength is something I hope shines through. In real life she’s as strong as an ox, mentally and physically, I hope it shines through in my book too.

Here’s a excerpt!

Flipping his hand over, he gives mine a little squeeze. “You can hold my hand, or anything else you want for that matter, but I’m not going to go there. Yet. I like you, Ris. I have since the first moment I saw you. I’m going to be honest with you, here in the near future—the very near future—I’m going to do more than just pretend I kissed you. I’m going to ask you out and hope for more, like real kissing. I really want to tell you you’re going to say yes, but having a vague understanding of what you’ve been through…forcing your hand might not be the best approach right now.”

“Yeah, it might definitely get you kicked in the nuts.”

Making him laugh at my stupid jokes has been the highlight of the evening, so when he erupts in a full on belly laugh, I can’t help but smile back.

This feels so nice, so easy, so…right.

“I said you could hold anything, not kick. Keep it clean, little one.”

***Buy book one and two if you haven’t already!***

When I Make You Mine - Rae Daniel 

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